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We understand that in all car accidents, the victims must face the difficult financial realities that follow. Medical bills, vehicle repairs, and time away from work are just a handful of the expenses tied to car accidents.  These expenses alone are a burden, but if another driver or pedestrian sues you, the expenses only rise.

Here, we work hard to identify the cause of the accident, and to find evidence of what caused the crash, in order to build you the strongest case possible.


Causes of Car Accidents


Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving is a serious problem, and a serious crime. If a driver was driving while intoxicated and caused the accident, or injured you, you can hold them accountable with our help.


Texting and Driving

In this day and age, everyone has a smartphone, and many drivers, even when they know they’re not supposed to, use it while driving. This is illegal, and dangerous, and can result in you being entitled to compensation.



Driving while drowsy is very dangerous, and if the cause of the car accidents was a drowsy driver then we can hold them accountable.



Speeding is the main cause of car accidents. People speed whenever they think they can get away with is, and that can cause serious car wrecks. If the cause of the car accident was speeding, then we can hold the driver accountable in court.


We understand that legal proceedings can be frustrating and irritating, and do our best to make proceedings go as smoothly as possible for our clients, while ensuring that the driver who cause the crash is held fully accountable.

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